Seeing from Things

Seeing from Things -全天球実写映像におけるトランジション表現に着目したVR体験-

太田拓 早野楓香 富石鈴華

大量消費社会において、消費者から忘れ去られたものや廃棄されるものが見る情景を、ものの視点から体験できるVR作品。本作を通してVR映像作品におけるトランジション表現を用いたストーリーテリング手法の提案を行う。Structure sensor(Occipital)で3Dスキャンしたオブジェクトを、TouchDesignerに取り込みモーフィング技法を用いて全天球実写映像と連結させている。3Dオブジェクトを全天球映像の内部の要素として配置し、全天球映像にモーフィングさせることで、作品のストーリーと絡めて複数の全天球映像を展開/接続(トランジション)していく方法を検討した。

Derivative Touch Designer
, HTC Vive(VRデバイス), 
Samsung Galaxy Gear360(全天球カメラ), 
Structure Sensor(3Dスキャナー), 
Autodesk MeshMixer


“Seeing from things”: An art piece using a storytelling method for 360-degree video in a VR environment

Taku Ota Fuuka Hayano Suzuka Tomiishi

The theme of this project is “mass consumption society.”  This art work provides a visual experience of objects that were dumped by consumers, using VR. In this demonstration, we propose a storytelling method for the representation of a 360-degree video in a VR environment using a transition effect. The method obtained with a 3D scanned object using Structure Sensor as a dumped object; the object is connected to a 360-degree video scene by TouchDesigner’s morphing effect. We put a 3D scanned object as an element of a 360-degree video scene, and connect it to another 360-degree video using the transition effect. Therefore, we think the method can not only connect different 360-degree video scenes but also relate the transition method to the theme of the project. We aimed to create a space for speculative thinking related to freedom of consumption in today’s mass consumption society while experiencing a new reality from the point of view of inanimated objects.

Derivative Touch Designer, HTC Vive, Samsung Galaxy Gear360, Structure Sensor, Autodesk MeshMixer

sound by mergrim